Scout Programme 2020

During these unprecidented times, we have to adapt to changes which can make it difficult for everyone to stay active and involved every week. We understand that everyone may not be able to attend our Zoom Meetings each week.

With this in mind we are putting resources packs, and activites for all our young people here. This will allow anyone to catch up with anything they may have missed. We do heavily advise that the young people to attend the meetings if possible as this will allow them to work with everyone and keep social and a sense of belonging.




Badges worked towards

Resources required


30/09/20 Scouting Knowledge Memberships Scouting Knowledge Pack Inside the resources you will find a quiz, and to complete. There is also details to help with the quiz.
07/10/20 Astronomer Astronomer n/a Scouts will complete sections 1-4 of the astronomers badge.
14/10/20 Edible Knots Pioneer Knot Guide
Strawberry Laces or 2 pieces of string
Scouts to follow the guide attached to practice various knots. If using Sweets if they complete the knot they may eat it. If you do not have access to Strawberry laces, use string to make the knot and have a packet of sweets nearby for the reward.
21/10/20 Art in the Dark Artist Paper, Pencils, UV pen Personal Infomation Form Face to Face meeting. Details have been posted to Closed Group on Facebook along with the permissions slips. If you do not use facebook please contact the leader for assistance. No one can attend without a permission slip. If a scout is unable to attend, for this activity they just need to complete 2 drawings. One Landscape, and a detailed close up. To add the dark effect simply use a uv pen in the areas where oyu want it to highlight under uv light.
28/10/20 Games Teamwork Among Us which can be downloaded free onto Android or Ios Devices. Scouts chosen evening, they have decided to play among us this evening
4/11/20 Poppy Making Creative, Scout Craft, Pioneer A pack is to be posted out. Scouts to create a poppy they can wear for rememberance day
11/11/20 Rememberance Team Work, Writer Pen/Paper orWord Processor Scouts to work as a team to create a poem about rememberance day.
18/11/20 Autumn Forum Teamwork Imagintion and ideas All about youth led scouting our qauterly forum will cover topics they have enjoyed, what they want to see on the programme, thoughts and feelings.
25/11/20 Global Issues Global Issues Just their thinking caps To complete the global issues activity badge, attendance for the zoom meeting is highly encouraged. If not able to do so please contact Dan on how to complete at home.
2/12/20 HTML Create a Webpage Creative, Digital Maker Pen and Paper Scouts to overall create a new page for the website bewteen then using different elements. Whilst keeping to the overal theme.
9/12/20 Tin Can Lanterns Creative 2 or 3 Empty Tin Cans, Marker pen, hammer and a sharp nail Tin cans to be filled with water and put in freezer over night before the activity. Scouts to draw a pattern onto the tin cans. Under Adult Supervision use a hammer and nail to pierce the tin can along points on their chosen design. Let the ice melt, empty the tin and place in a small tea light.
16/12/20 Walk Hike N/A Outdoor face to face meeting. Please see group facebook page for details. If no access to Facebook please contact Dan for details.
23/12/20 Closed N/A N/A Closed for Winter Break
30/12/20 Closed N/A N/A Closed for Winter Break
06/01/20 Teamwork Defuse Teamwork Pen/Paper to write the rules Team to work through a set of rules to find a solution within a time limit.
13/01/20 Gender Equality World N/A Scouts to answer questions based around gender equality and discuss.
21/01/20 Model Making Creative N/A Scouts to make models out of airdrying clay
22/01/20 till 24/01/20 Xplode Winter Camp Various N/A Programme for weekend. Up to date Details can be fround at West Lancs Scouts
27/01/20 Navigation Fun Quiz/Team Game N/a N/A Scouts to complete a quiz fun quiz about navigation and local knowledge
03/02/20 Wear the Necker Scout Lead Activity Sports Enthusiast Download the following files: Shirt Front
Shirt Back
Scouts led activity where scouts will be running. Details subject to chance
10/02/20 Move Over Mythbusters Skills Paper, Colouring Crayons/Pens Scouts to learn about Fake news and the damage it can do. They will then make two posters. One real and one fake, this will be put to the group to see if they can spot the real from the fake.
17/02/20 TBA N/A N/A Please check closer to the time for details
24/02/20 TBA N/A N/A Please check closer to the time for details
28/02/20 10am-12.30pm WLSHAPE N/A TBA Scouts can take part in WLSHAPE 2021. Activities and discussions for their ideas to shape the future of Scouting within the County. Please contact Dan to sign up.